There are some things you should know about Trinity Baptist Church. First and foremost, we love Jesus. We believe that the only way to have a productive spiritual life is through a personal relationship with Him. Every time you attend a worship service or a Bible study you will be taught about Jesus rather than about our own personal brand of religion.

Because of this, you will immediately notice that we are a loving church. Though we have strong beliefs about God that we embrace without apology or compromise, we seek to express those beliefs with a humble and warm heart. We love people…all kinds of people. And we believe that God does as well. We are not concerned with your background, your religion, your past mistakes, your economic level, or anything else. You do not even have to dress a certain way. Come as you are.  

The best time to visit our church is on a Sunday morning. We know that it can be intimidating to visit a church where you don’t know anyone. For this reason, we have placed Greeters at the front doors in order to welcome you and help you find your way.