Christmas, 2014


December 28
Matt Rossman


The Shepherds
December 21, Scott Parkison

Our family has shared some very special time after dinner each night discussing Jesus' birth. The Christmas season is a perfect time to speak to others about who Jesus is whether it be our children, neighbors, co-workers, friends, or even perfect strangers. It is especially an appropriate time for us to attend church and worship. At Jesus' birth a group of shepherds visited Mary, Joseph, and Jesus while he was still in the manger. They had previously received an announcement from and angel accompanied by a heavenly choir shouting praises to God. When they left the manger scene they continued to praise God and tell others about what they had seen and heard. As I have studied the birth of Christ this past week the shepherds have captured my attention. My prayer is that God would speak to your heart today and that you would celebrate Christmas this coming week in awe of God for what he did in sending his Son to be born among us. The same awe and wonder the shepherds expressed after seeing Jesus in the manger.

The Virgin Birth
December 14, Scott Parkison

If you study the story of the birth of Christ you will quickly recognize some amazing themes. This morning we will look closely at one of those themes. The virgin birth. Though we could more accurately call it the virgin conception, this miracle of God took place in order to show the power of God in the life of Christ from the beginning. Though some have attempted to question the virgin birth in recent decades the Bible is explicit that it is a factual, historical event and was nothing short of a miracle from God. 

God came to earth and walked among men 2000 years ago. Since that time his presence has not left us. Christmas is a reminder to us that Jesus came to earth, lived as a perfect man, died on the cross to save us from sin, was gloriously resurrected from the dead, and is now alive in all of us who confess him as Lord and Savior.