Married with Benefits

The family is under attack. From the beginning of time the serpent has attempted to destroy the relationship between husbands and wives. A popular Christian author and speaker noted: “The disintegration of the church will not come from a lack of apologetic teaching, but from a disintegration of the families in the church.”  As the inventor of marriage God knows best about marriage. In our country those who hold to a “traditional view” of the family are maligned as bigoted, uneducated, and discriminatory. But God’s Word tells us exactly who we should marry, how we are to relate to our spouse, the importance of love in a marriage, the proper place of sex, and the critical importance of male leadership in the home. God knows the best way for marriage to be beneficial to us and to His Kingdom.

Marriage & Discipleship
Week One, Pastor Scott


Designed By God
Week Two, Pastor Scott


Oneness in Marriage
Week Three, Pastor Scott


Lasting Love (Part One)
Week Four, Pastor Scott


Lasting Love (Part Two)
Week Five, Pastor Scott


Lasting Love (Part Three)
Week Six, Pastor Scott


Rocking the Roles (Part One)
Week Seven, Pastor Scott


Rocking the Roles (Part Two)
Week Eight, Pastor Scott


Barriers to the Benefits of Marriage
Week Nine, Pastor Scott


Same Sex Marriage
Week Ten, Pastor Scott