December 7, Scott Parkison

I will never forget one Christmas when our family had so many presents under the tree that I was uncertain if I had enough space in the trash can for all the leftover wrapping paper. One of my children would barely get a gift unwrapped before tearing into the next one. After what seemed like 50 presents he looked up and asked: “Is that it?”

This morning I will complete our series from Philippians with the topic of contentment. Contentment is a spiritual quality that eludes many Christians. In an age of materialism there seems to be a constant lust for more and more and more. As God’s people we should especially be content with what God has given to us. The Apostle Paul said that he had learned the “secret” of contentment regardless of his circumstances. He certainly lived in unfavorable circumstances. In fact, he was in prison when he penned those words. May God open our eyes this morning so that we would learn contentment in Him.

The Peace of God
November 30, Scott Parkison

Disorder, conflict, uncertainty, and instability is everywhere in our world. Each day we awake to another news story of tragedy: another natural disaster, armed conflict, senseless act of violence, or uncertainty that causes us to question the stability of our future. In addition to the problems in the world it seems we have mounting personal problems: money, health, family, etc, etc. We start to worry, dwell on our problems, question God, lose faith. The more we try to take control the more things seem out of control. This is the world we live in...but it should not characterize the life we live. Our God is a God of peace...he sent his Son as the Prince of Peace...he has called us to live lives characterized by peace. Not a peace we invent or create...a peace that he gives to us when we trust Him. Him peace.

May God speak to your heart from His Word today. I am praying for you!

November 23, Scott Parkison

I enjoy playing golf from time to time. I don’t know why I torture myself. I have never been very good. But I think that is why I enjoy it. It is a challenge. My goal in golf would be to score “par” on every hole…all 18. In fact, I try to par every hole even though I know that I will not accomplish it. This is similar to what my sermon is about this morning. My goal as a Christian is to perfectly follow God’s will and to live up to his standards. I know that I will never be a perfect Christian anymore than I will ever be a perfect golfer…but at all times I will refuse to accept anything less that total (perfect) obedience to Gods standards. God has called each of us to strive for this type perfection. In Phil 3:12-14 the Apostle Paul describes his passion for following Jesus. My prayer for you today is that you would “…press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.”

A New Identity
November 16, Scott Parkison

The Bible says that when we receive Christ we become a “new creation.” This means that God recreates us and restores us to a relationship with Himself. This does not mean that God rearranges our lives. It means he radically makes us into different people. For example; I can replace the furniture in my home, change the carpet, and get a new paint job , etc. …but that would simply renovate my house.  But if I were to completely remove my old home and rebuild a new home in its place it would still be my house but it would be a new and different house. This is what Jesus did when we received him as Savior. He re-created us in a way that changed our identity. The Apostle Paul records the way that Jesus changed his identity from a self-righteous, pompous, overzealous, legalistic, Pharisee and into a new person that was identified with Jesus and “…the power of his resurrection”. His new desire was to “share in his sufferings, becoming like him in his death.” This was a radical alteration. Do you need Jesus to change your life?

Inside Out
November 2, Scott Parkison

Are you sensitive to the work on the Spirit in your life? With a sinful flesh to distract us it can become difficult to know when God’s Spirit is speaking to you or when your own thoughts and emotions are deceiving you. In Phil 2:12-18 the Apostle Paul provides us with a truth that can completely transform us. He says that when God is at work in us he changes our desires so that our actions are pleasing to God. This means that one of the ways we can discern the work of the Spirit is to ask ourselves: “are my desires and actions pleasing to God?”  So I ask you; is your life pleasing to God or are you living to please yourself? Is God at work in you? I am praying for you.

Unity and Humility (PT 2)
October 26, Scott Parkison

Are you willing to let yourself go…give up on yourself…pour yourself out to God? That may seem like a strange question. But this is exactly what is required of us if we are to be in a right relationship with God. Jesus said if we will “lose our life for his sake we will find it.” We must “die to self” in order to live for God. In Phil 2 we see an incredible example of how Jesus poured himself out, “emptied himself” for us. In humility he became a man and died on the cross for our sins.

If we are to follow His example, we must pour ourselves out for others. In humility we must let go of our pride and accept others the way Jesus accepts us. We must think and feel about others the way Jesus does. This means ridding ourselves of pride and serving others in humility. This is the pathway to unity.

50th Anniversary Celebration
October 19

First hour of the anniversary celebration

Facing Your Goliath
October 5, Matt Rossman


It's a Worthy Life
September 28, Scott Parkison

It is easy to believe in God. But God calls us to more than belief. God calls us  to surrender to him and submit to His ways. To acknowledge him as Lord, the Boss, the Manager and Decision Maker for our life….to say to Him “My life is yours, not mine”.  I can live for myself, or I can live for God; I can do what pleases me, or I can do what pleases Him. These are the only choices we have. He calls us to unconditionally surrender to him…no negotiation…just surrender. When we do this, we will live a life worthy of the Gospel. How would God have you submit to Him today? Do you know? Ask Him.

Partakers of Grace
September 21, Scott Parkison

God's blessings to us are given in a manner that sometimes surprises us. For example, the Apostle Paul wrote the book of Philippians, a book filled with joy, from a prison cell. It amazes me that the God we serve can shower us with the blessings of His grace regardless of the circumstance. As we begin a new series in Philippians I pray that you would be struck anew with the wonder and power of our God who sent Jesus to die for our sins!